Mood Board Development 2

Finding my main competitors surprisingly hasn’t been to hard, as I have based my collections target market my age and above. Meaning that I have been able to ask friends where they’d shop for my style of card as it isn’t your average mass-produced product. My 4 main competitors are the classic High Street store Paperchase, who sell a variety of cards varying in price from your average 2D digital mass produced card to your pricer collections that may have a hand crafted element. Urban Outfitters is also another High Street store that mainly sells popular clothing, however also sells books, home wear and cards. The target market for Urban Outfitters is mainly aimed at the younger generation who are willing to spend money on alternative items a bit different from your average shop.Β Etsy is an online marketplace where independent sellers can set up there own online shop where handmade items are sold. Over the next few days I will begin to look a bit more in-depth into different sellers that I am most inspired by.

Deciding my colour palette has been quite a hard task, as I am just so undecided about what will work best. I really want to get this sorted so that I can start to experiment using my chosen colour palette, to really get a feel for my work.


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