Card Packaging Ideas

Over the last few days I have spent a lot of time thinking about unique ways of making my cards different and not a lot of time about how to package my cards. I really like the idea of using an alternative way of packaging my cards, instead of using a regular paper envelope. I then began to start mind mapping various ways of packaging from:

  • Creating felt envelopes
  • Fabric envelopes
  • Printed fabric pouches
  • Box (With a block print on)

After writing down a variety of ideas I then began to look online for existing alternative packaging ideas, as you can see from the photos below. I quite like the idea of creating a piece if packaging that can be re-used as an envelope for another card, or that can be kept and used for something else. (Travel wallet? Passport Holder? Picture Holder?) I really like the idea of stitching the main motifs of my card designs into felt and even black felt like in my trend imagery, as the texture should work really well to give the artisan feel i’m going for. So using felt as a way of packaging my collection could be a nice way of bringing it all together.

When looking online for packaging ideas decorations tend to come up also, as you can see from the images of hand made paper bows. I thought that this could be a nice idea if I pursue my Lino printing block idea, as I could print onto my paper before folding into a bow. This also means that it could be recycled rather than using plastics or foil.


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