Decorative Card Ideas

Trying to decide what decorative style I want to to pursue for my final collection of cards is turning out to be quite a hard task. As I want my collection to have the right artisan hand crafted feel, but to a professional level still. From the start I have really liked the idea of creating a card with can have a second life, from having a detachable element, could be framed and used as interior decoration. Or could even be reusable in the sense that you don’t need to write on the card, so you could pass on to someone else. Below are a few embroidery decorations that I have liked when researching online and am considering using for this collection. However I will not know if these will work until I start refining my sketches to the most relevant for my ‘Biker Bandits’ Vietnam inspired theme.

As I have mentioned above I want to card to have a reusable element and to be more of a gift than your average card. Below are a few images that I have so far been inspired by. I like the idea of using felt as it’s just so easy to layer and sew.


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