Competitor Research

Today I have spent a bit of time researching online for more information into my main competitors. A Few days ago I found my general competitors, with one of them being Etsy. However with Etsy being website that people sell through, I needed to find the individual shops that I am inspired by.

Below are a few examples of work by CraftyJoDesigns, I think I was drawn to the simplicity of her work as I think less will be more in terms of this greetings card project.

Designed by JaneΒ is another seller on Esty who’s work I have fallen in love with. Again I think its the simplicity of the coloured layered tied together with neat hand embroidered stitches.Β I think that I could incorporate this sort of thing into my final collection, and could even block print a pattern onto some of the layered to add another handmade element to the final design. I like the idea of even using a icon shape as the basic background? To give them all a uniformed finish? Could be a bike helmet? This part of my competitor research has really given me a lot to think about over the next few weeks ready for out mid formative assessment point. I am quite worried at this point as I’m off to South Korea for 2 weeks, so feel as if I need to really step up my game to stay on task.


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