Professional Practise – Eley/Kishimoto Talk

Today’s professional practise session was with the Textile design collaboration Eley/Kishimoto, with Mark Eley coming into visit and give a talk about his career. I found the session so insightful, as Mark was just so honest about his ups and downs in the industry throughout the years. This was really refreshing to hear, as I think today people tend to just discuss the positives and the great opportunities they’ve been given and aren’t always honest about the realities of trying to find work in the creative industry. I found Mark’s story very interesting as his build up was all before the internet and social media. He said they felt unemployable and used all the money they had to get a studio space to keep creating work. I think it’s determination that needs to show through to keep going strong, in todays market, as everything is so demanding with things changing so frequently. Mark also expressed how he has taken on different opportunities throughout the years which have led on to more and more. He also said to be aware of trends but not to always follow them – set rather than follow. Β Mark Eley’s talk will be one that will stick with me for a long while, as he was professional, honest and approachable.


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