Return to the Studio

Having been away in South Korea for 2 weeks I was a bit apprehensive about returning back to the studio. I think leaving for the trip without choosing my final colour palette stressed me out the most, as this is one of the most important things that need sorting out ready to begin my first stage of experimentation. Β Over the weekend I have spend a good amount of time looking back through my work to date, ready to move forward with my ideas.

This afternoon I managed to get a tutorial slot with Helen, to give me a bit more direction, as well as to get a bit of feedback on current and new ideas. After feeling like I have a mountain of work to complete, Helen really helped to me to make a plan of what needs to be done straight away to get the design development underway and what I am leave for a few days.

My Plan:

  • Confirm a colour palette choice Β – 3 core colours with a couple of bold add ons. (Midnight blue? Instead of using black. Denim shades? Moody colours with 2/3 bold colours?)
  • Colours to consider – Red, Orange, White, Green
  • Need to identify the techniques that I will be using – Screen Printing, Lino, Hand Stitch (3/4 different approaches – Small samples showing embroidery style for example – then progress to bigger ones)
  • Idea of having half the collection with stitch half without?
  • Composition ideas of my cards – layouts (Begin to draw some out)
  • Use the classic bandits motifs with my own trip ones then add something a bit different? (Unexpected imagery)

Helen also suggested for my to have a lot look online at Timorous Beasties an interior design company who design classic Toile designs with a 21st century twist. Like a New York city scene rather than of a classic country side. Leaves you searching for the unexpected, could use this sort of idea with my designs and have something a bit shocking along side my birds, flowers, patterns? Eco message?


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