Professional Practise – Sarah & Julie

Today’s professional practise talk was from the sister team of Sarah & Julie who specialise up-cycling a variety of different things. The main subject of the talk was about a incubation space that they run in Cardiff, that rents out studio spaces to different creative people for a variety of reasons and the benefits of working in that sort of environment. Sarah and Julie briefly gave us an insight into there previous professional lives and the different jobs they used to do, before they decided to join together. They really emphasised the importance of networking and how it has helped them with there latest studio space venture because they know so many helpful people in the trade. Along with how important hard work is and how it can really pay off, even when you least expect it too.

The sustainable up-cycling idea that they use, has also given me so many ideas and things to consider doing in my own work. In this day and age we really need to be considerate when it comes to environmental factors as things cannot continue on the way they currently are. They’re currently in the middle of updating there website which I’ll have to have check back on. –


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