IG Project Progression 2

After making some progression yesterday, today I requested to have a tutorial with Keireine just to make sure that I’m on the right track after missing last weeks presentations and mid feedback from Sarah and her consultancy team at IG. Keireine began by asking me to put my mood boards together to that we could more of a feel for my project and the direct I am hoping to move in. I spent a few hours this morning putting together my 4 boards on photoshop, which so helpful as I could easily swap images around if they didn’t work with each other or fit the theme. Whilst doing this, I found some new competitors to use on my board which is a bonus.Β IMG_8867.JPG

I then decided to spend the afternoon Lino printing, it was great to get back in the workshops after sometime away. Overall I was happy with the amount of experimenting I got done, however I feel as if my prints need to really be refined to give them that professional artisan feel I’m after. I also now need to start working in my final colour palette now that I have confirmed it. I think the next step for me is to play around with my Lino prints in photoshop to try and neaten them up a touch, as well as to play around with the scale and arrangement.




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