IG Project Progression 3

Today’s project progression, started with me having a sketchbook annotation catch up. Putting all of my samples into a sketchbook has be great as it’s given me the chance to reflect back on my work to see whats worked well and what hasn’t. This sort of task, will really help my project development, as it means that if something isn’t working I can just move on. I’m hoping that my sketchbook in the end, will hopefully show my journey of different ideas and experiments over the last few months.

After completing all of my annotation to date, I decided that I really need to refine my drawings from my trip to Vietnam as they are all quite detailed – as you can see from the images below. My biker bandits trend is quite cartoony so I really need to get this idea across in my work. Whilst in Ho Chi Minh City, I was so lucky to come across so many interesting patterns and motifs so I need to really work on re-creating these to get the look and quality I’m after.

Below you can see one of the images that I have began to simplify my motifs into smaller more management sizes for developing further and further. I still like the idea of creating a detachable element or having some that can be framed. Over the next few days I need to research more into:

  • Relevant Fonts
  • Card Format Layouts
  • More existing card Layouts
  • Pattern placement



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