IG Project Progression 4

After a productive day yesterday annotating and experimenting, today I wanted to spend time really refining my Vietnam trip sketches down. Our task for the next couple of weeks is to analyse and reflect on what we’ve done to date. I need to get the rest of my initial sampling done really by the end of the week, as I need to start my prototyping ready to develop this over the next few weeks. After spending the morning drawing/painting, I then had a tutorial with Keireine who really helped me to plan my next step in the project, I need to:

  • Continue with my mark marking – use a Chinese style brush with dark colours to light
  • Detailed sketches – Continue to design for my 8 cards
  • Boarders – consider different boarder layouts (Cross stitch style?)
  • Maybe draw back into my repeat prints (flowers in watercolour) to add more depth.
  • Divide board in 8 and start to decide what prints I’m using for which. (Combining circles and patterns – e.g use one print for 2 cards?)
  • Maybe use monochrome on the inside of the cards? (In blue tones?)
  • Explore the luggage tag idea for inside the card



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