IG Project Progression 5

After spending a majority of the week experimenting and then starting to refine my sketches down. I have had a board re-arrange, moving my mood boards and key inspirations onto the side and then splitting half of my board like Keireine suggested into 8 so that I can start to decide what I want to put on each of my cards. I am only at the early stages of this, but need to start thinking about it more over the weekend to begin on Monday.

I have also spent a bit more time refining my designs down as they are quite complicated and want it to have the simplistic look I’m after. Below is an example of my latest experiment which is still a working progress.

I have also been keeping my ‘Design’ Instagram updated over the last few weeks with images from my trip to South Korea, Vietnam sketchbook images to then my current project progression. Starting this Instagram now has definitely been a good idea, as hopefully I will be able to gain a bit of a following before the final show work begins in the New Year. Below are a few screen shots from my page –Β https://www.instagram.com/philipparenshawdesigns/?hl=en


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