Entrepreneurship Week – Digital Marketing Lecture

Earlier on this week, I saw an e-mail about the Universities Entrepreneurship week and the series of lectures that were being held each day. I decided to sign up for the the Social Media workshop, thinking that it could help me to promote myself as a designer. The lecture turned out to be with Austin Walters a Digital Marketing Advisor and was so unbelievably insightful. My business knowledge is not the best has I haven’t really studied it since school, so to learn about whats currently and could be successful in marketing is great.

Austin started the lecture off by talking about what marketing was like in 2015, where people started to take a social media break, twitter growth stopped, live videos became more popular to how our attention spans are at a all time low. He then went onto discuss the pros and cons of using twitter in marketing. We were also given 3 things to try and master this year:

  1. Snapchat – Master how to market with it
  2. Images – Attention spans are at a all time low, information is quicker to consume
  3. Social Media – PPC

The main things are learnt to consider is my target markets customer demographic, their language, have an understanding of their generation along side where they visit online. Remembering that not everyone is the same is also key and different marketing techniques are needed. For example people who learn differently, are marketed in different ways also – you need the right mix of all to sell a product well.

  • Visual – YouTube
  • Audible – Podcast
  • Kinaesthetic – Trial

Considering what generation your target market is from is also so much more important than I originally thought and are split into different categories:

  • Generation X – After 1995
  • Generation Y – 30s
  • Generation Z – 40s
  • Baby Boomer – 50s + 60s

However the 2017 marketing trend we were told focus at is how consumers are changing and becoming marketplace sophisticated, for example Groupon was massive and now people are skeptical of receiving lots of e-mails as we’ve entering a reviewing culture.


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