Professional Practise – CV Writing 1

Today’s professional practise session was about creative CV writing and the different things we need to consider adding to help us sell ourselves as designers. They need to create an impact with an artistic design to be a bit different. We also need to think about our cover letter, which needs to be an A4 page, that is clear to the point in paragraphs. We began by discussing general CV tips for us follow:

  • Well laid out / Visual impression – could use images of my work if suits
  • Clear type face
  • Concise – use bullet points to make it simple
  • No obvious gaps – account for each year of study etc
  • No spelling / punctuation errors
  • Highlight strengths / key skills

We then moved onto the basic structure and what this should include:

  • Personal details – e-mail, website, phone
  • Education & Qualifications – can summary GCSE’s, focus on after that
  • Work Experience – Group things together
  • Skills & Interests – hobbies, travel interests
  • Referees – usually 2, academic + employee
  • 2 pages max
  • Paragraph about my degree – things I’ve learnt
  • General qualifications I’ve earn’t outside of education

We then split into groups to discuss different careers that we could consider doing after university. At the moment I am quite undecided about what creative field I want to go into, so am very open minded at different options. I think my next step is to book a careers appointment with Es George at the Careers Hub to start thinking about my different options. Our task over the next few weeks is to start putting together our CV’s ready for our 2nd CV writing session, so that we can get some feedback. We were also told that on the ‘Your Career’ e-module on Moodle there are examples of creative CV layouts and ideas, so I will start to look at this over the next few days.


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