IG Project Progression 8

Today at Uni has been pretty busy, starting off with a year meeting where we were reminding of a few important pieces of information. Such as we’re now at our prototyping stage in the brief so need remain mindful of the time left to complete all of our work for when IG next come to visit. We were also reminded of our deliverables that are required at our hand in deadline, which are:

  • Mood boards – trend, colour, client & theme
  • Research file – products & companies
  • Sketches – Experiments
  • Professional Practise – Updated blog posts
  • Prototypes & Samples
  • Design development
  • Final concept – 8 card collection

I then spent the first part of the morning with Helen at a repeat pattern making reminder, which was so helpful. After having not made a repeat print by hand for a while I felt as if I was learning it all from scratch again. I really want to spend a bit more time learning more about this, and Helen has agreed to run someone sessions in the new year ready for our final field module. The rest of the morning was then dedicated to trying to refine my designs down.


This afternoon we then had a lecture from Textile Artist, Alice Kettle about her work and inspirations. She is well known for her drawings created through stitch.

To end the day I had a tutorial with Irene, which was really helpful as she reminded me of so many things I need to do and things to consider, including:

  • Link my research book to my imagery – maybe print onto tracing paper
  • Add a contents page and tabs to that you can quickly flick to different sections – trend, inspirations, experiments + design ideas
  • Consider adding plastic pockets to store my lino blocks in?
  • Consider working from the spine of the book outwards
  • Add colour development pages

I have also thought a lot about my cards and the final look I want them to have and need to consider doing:

  • Minimal amount of print on each page
  • Maybe add my colour through stitch – stabbing or cross stitch technique
  • Bold imagery
  • Off print some of my designs – change them up.
  • Play with scale, take bits away, collage some of my designs?

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