IG Project Progression 11

Today has surprising been very productive with me finally completing art boards on Illustrator for all of my motifs. All of the motifs are from my Vietnam sketchbook have been live traced on Illustrator to give them a bit more of a refined look, also giving the chance to finish touching up any of my designs were required. At the moment my designs are all very varied, so I now need to have a serious look at all of my designs to decide what 8 work the best together. I will make this decision by tomorrow ready to put some prints on a screen Friday.

With time flying by so quickly I now need to re-evaluate what I can actually get done in the final week we that we have left before the International Greetings Consultants come into list. I originally loved the idea of creating something from felt that could be detached, however I just don’t have the time to develop this idea enough to give it the professional handcrafted feel that I’m after. So may consider this as something to develop in the new year. On Instagram I came across an embroiderer called ‘Holacleon’ who layers bright threads a decorative details as well as to fill large backgrounds. After my Tutorial with Irene the other day, she gave me the idea of using thread to add my colour through simple stitches. So when I saw these pieces below it really inspired me to use this sort of style on my cards potentially. Tomorrow I plan on giving it a go to see if this could be successful.

Below is what my studio space looked like before I left last night. In preparation for my group tutorials with a member of staff I have printed off all of my art boards and developments to date so that people will be able to get a clearer idea of my direction and theme. I also had a quick tutorial with Sally today which was really beneficial as it just allowed me to talk my ideas through with some new and get there initial ideas about where to improve and to get some fresh feedback on my theme and work so far.


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