Professional Practise – Keireine Canavan

Today’s professional practise lecture was part 2 of our course leader Keireine’s research lecture, unfortunately I was unable to attend part 1 but luckily there was a brief recap at the start. Learning about what Keireine does out of our allocated taught time is so interesting to hear about all of the ongoing research into endangered textile practises. It has really got me thinking about what I want to continue on with in the future and if it’s research into preservation or into commercial design that I’m more interested in.

This afternoon we were then given a talk from Jason Davies who runs the Cardiff School of Education department of initial teacher education to tell us all about D&T / Art & Design PGCE opportunities at Cardiff Met and what is involved. The talk was really interested and did get me thinking about teaching, however I don’t think it’s for me at this current point, but could be something that I consider in a few years time maybe after hopefully getting some design experience.


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