IG Project Progression 12

This morning we started the day with a quick project brief refresher into whats required on our ‘Mini Boards‘ next week for our IG consultant presentations. The mini boards are to be made using A3 mount board like I have for my other 4 boards and need to display mini versions (prototypes) of my final 8 collection of cards with maybe one of my printed envelopes on as well. During the presentation I made a few notes of things to consider putting on my board. The next week is going to be busy with so many different things that need finishing, however I need to remember that our actual deadline isn’t until next term and that I have another week after IG to make any further improvements.

Also need to consider my NPD (New Product Development), which is on Stage 3, page 5 of my brief. However we were informed that this isn’t high on there list.


After deciding that I’d quite like to stitch into my cards yesterday, I have spent a bit of time looking online at other paper stitch online to see what sort of things are possible and have been done successfully. As with my time frame I need things to work out okay for me. This afternoon I will gave a go at some stitching to see how well it works or doesn’t.

To give myself a clear idea of what my collection will look like as I whole, I have drawn out my general format that I will use for all of my cards. However the placement of the prints will vary but on the whole the inside tag and logo will stay the same, giving my collection a bit of uniformity. I have also decided to display my cards in clear plastic card bags. after a lot of deliberation I decided that this is probably the most professional way and will protect the outside of my cards from getting knocked.



This afternoon we were split into group of 4 with a tutor to give a mock presentation ready for our 5 minute presentations with the IG Consultants next week about our final collection. I was not prepared for this in anyway and had only just picked my final collection of 8 patterns to go on my cards just before, however I think I managed to sort myself out and present about my work ok. After I had finished presenting we were then given feedback by Helen and the rest of the group which was so helpful as they could all pitch different things to consider doing and trying, as well as pointing out what isn’t working quite so well.

Things to consider for next weeks final presentation:

  • Need to set the scene – Age/Target, Theme 
  • Speak about my mood boards last
  • Concentrate on the final collection of cards
  • Doesn’t need to be in chronological order

Things to consider for my final collection:

  • Ruling pen to add into my designs – represents stitching
  • Draw out the ideas (in colour) and stitch ideas (scale + type of stitch)
  • Put stitch (3D) on some – for the high priced market (some with more some with less)
  • Embossing pen? – to suggest texture
  • Backgrounds?? – add white to colour palette / biker bandit in the backgrounds / keep the rebel theme in mind throughout
  • Print on different substrates – denim, leather, crumbled paper

I have then spent a bit of time this evening sorting out my final collection by picking what patterns in what scale, repeat and placement I want them ready to put on a screen tomorrow.



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