IG Project Progression 15

After pre-exposing my screen with my final designs, today I needed to decide what colour to screen print onto my denim in. This was more of a struggle than I originally thought it would have been, as white was just too bold and I felt as if it would take away attention away from my other colour palette colours, as well as the stitch itself maybe? However I felt as if the blues just didn’t stand out enough, so could result in my patterns not being seen. I finally decided to go with a very light blue which actually dried slightly darker and think this works out the best with the shade of denim and also along side my embroidery threads.Β IMG_9314.JPG

The image below shows my final designs being printed onto my cut denim jeans. Overall I am really happy with how they have turned out so far, as the denim has created a really could texture in my prints almost making them look as if they’ve been stitched as well. I also really like how some parts of the denim have taken the colour better in some places than in others. For example in the bottom right photo the colour hasn’t taken completely, but it really goes with my ‘rough and ready’ biker theme. I think once I start stitching into my patches the whole ‘exotic bandits’ feel that I’m after will really start to come to life.


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