IG Project Progression 16

Once I had finished screen-printing my final designs onto my recycled denim, I then began to start stitching into each of my square patches, using my drawn out design ideas. Hand embroidery is quite a lengthy process, however with the free non exact style that I’m after luckily hasn’t taken quite as long get a good amount done. Below are some image of my stitch progression throughout.



More design progression showing close ups of some of my designs during the stitch process.Β 

Finishing the Edges

Deciding how to finish of the edges of my patches a bit of a dilemma as I did originally think about overlocking them, however that just wouldn’t give the raw rebel feel that I was after, so after speaking to Stitch tech dem Maggie I decided to go for a triple stitch in a orangey colour as you usually see as a hem stitch for denim jeans – I felt as if it was very fitting and suits the idea. I then thought it would be nice too leave the edges to fray just adding to the rough biker feel, it will also give the patches a nice frame when mounted onto the white cards.


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