Inspiration Sketchbook – 1

Today I finally kick started the sketchbook illustrations off. It felt so good to start probably drawing again, especially since dissertation about the final field brief have both been handed in. My plan is to create a inspiration sketchbook filled with drawings from images from my trip to Rajasthan with the University in November 2015. I will then use these illustrations as key inspiration to start experimenting refining and simplifying sketches to create motifs to experiment with both digitally and in the print Β workshop. I will also begin to play around with a variety of mark-making techniques.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 22.50.56.png

However before this experimenting stage can begin, I need to carry out some primary and secondary research into my Indian doorways and archways theme and the meanings behind. I have booked to go to London next Tuesday, to visit a few relevant exhibitions so after this I will begin to really push my experimenting. Below are some images from my drawing afternoon showing my working progress. Throughout this final project process I am going to be posting daily updates on my design Instagram page to document my journey, as well as to gain a bit of a following for my work.


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