Professional Practise – Press Packs

Todays professional practise lecture was with Pip Lawrence a lecturer on the Maker course about press packs. The talk was very interesting as I haven’t really looked into what I want from my press packs or whats required inside of them in much detail, I have only quickly glanced in the textile ones from last year. This lecture with Pip really helped to clear up what to include, what to watch out for, as well as to consider alternative ways to put this pack together. Below I am going to list some of my important notes from the lecture so that I can reference back to them later on this term.

A press pack should answer these questions:

  1. What are you?
  2. What are you promoting?
  3. When is it happening?
  4. Why are you approaching them / what do you hope to achieve?
  5. Where can they find you?

Examples of what to include:

  • Colour print out of work (postcard)
  • What its placed inside of, e.g clear folder, envelope ( Cost effective?)
  • Letter of interest (Intro, why, artist statement)
  • Copies of articles/ previous press releases (if relevant)
  • CV (tailor to the role I’m applying for)
  • Business card (make sure to carry with me)
  • CD / USB containing examples of work.
  • Stickers? (could be a fun addition if relevant)

Letter of Interest

My letter of interest should contain these points:

  • What is my project about?
  • Who am i? What do I do?
  • Why should they be interested in my work?
  • Brief background information into myself
  • Make sure to proof read it!


Consider these points when writing my CV:

  • Information about my degree
  • past events / shows could have been involved in
  • where I went to college?
  • Placements / Work experience
  • Contact information should easy to spot on the page
  • Limit to one page
  • CV should be an extension of yourself, be creative – use illustrator etc

Business Card

  • Important asset, so spend time developing my card – personalise
  • Contact information should be easy to read (no less than size 6 font)
  • 2 sided? (contact info / image)
  • Glossy or Matte 
  • Leave white open space – gives people a place to write on if necessary
  • Get a good quality business card
  • Square / rounded edges – get something different
  • Add links to a website or a blog (Instagram)


  • Add an image of your work onto the CD?
  • Make what it contains very clear – name, details, contact info
  • PDF images (roughly 8 – A5 / A4)
  • Make sure to include a image list naming what each design is clearly
  • Add digital copy of CV onto this also.

Colour Print Out – Postcard 

  • Simple
  • Logo / contact info
  • Good quality paper
  • Consider getting proof copies of colours with companies?
  • Could send it out to people as a Thank You?

E-mail Address

  • Use something that you will keep for a while

New Designers

  • Require roughly 10 press packs
  • Keep some as spare at the stand

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