Inspiration Sketchbook – 2

Today I carried on again with my inspirations sketchbook, adding half a dozen more illustrations. I only want to carry on with this book into early next week after my primary research trip to London, before preferably beginning to start my experimenting / design development sketchbooks. Below are a few of my favourite sketches from today.

This afternoon I then had a tutorial with Helen, who really helped me to pin point my theme and project intentions. Giving me a list of things to consider, including:

  • Basing my project around a space for one? (my initial project research images tend to show a solo chair without much around it)
  • With my designs maybe covering a chair that can be used in a no tv / wifi area
  • Idea of creating a place of sanctuary (daytime retreat / relaxing space) – link to mindfulness / meditation?
  • Consider maybe laser cutting into fine metals? Could combine this together with soft fabrics
  • Use Indian style fabrics? (e.g silks, sari’)
  • Use my designs to decorate ceramics – maybe creating bowls / tiles? (Print with a block into them?)
  • Consider different pattern placements (get the Level 5 form from Helen with examples on again)

Individual design for Individuals – Possible way to market my interiors collection?

This tutorial has given me so many things to consider and experiment with over the next few weeks. Over this next week I need to complete:

  • Initial inspirations sketchbook completed
  • Start my mark-making / illustration development sketchbook
  • Undertake more primary / secondary research (into the idea behind my final collection, artists / designers doing similar things, techniques)
  • Complete first draft mood boards
  • Colour Palette – Start to play around with colourways

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