Professional Practise – Power of Networking

Todays first professional practise lecture was with Tracey Smolinski founder of the networking company Introbiz a leading independent business network club in Wales. Tracey’s lecture was to highlight the importance of networking to make business and personal connections. She told us all about the ups and downs she’s faced over the years when building up her business and things to make sure try to do when networking. I found the lecture very interesting and the tips she gave us should be very helpful as I’m coming up to graduation with the CSAD Degree show and New Designers. Highlighting the importance of collecting data, e.g business cards in relevant feels and keeping a spread sheet maybe to stay organised. Going further to say that success in our careers / businesses is all about who we network with and how we use these connections. Tracey’s business acronym ‘Networking’ is also very helpful and something to remember:

  • New connections – Build Relationships over time getting to know connections
  • Enthusiasm – Need to be enthusiastic about yourself / business
  • Trust – Build up trust with connections, will be beneficial to you
  • Warmth – Be warm, friendly to stand out at events, will be remembered
  • Opportunities – Take opportunities could lead onto to something else
  • Relationships – Work to maintain relationships, never know when could need
  • Knowledge – Why do you need them, what for, who are these people?
  • Interesting – Remain interesting/passionate about field, interest connections
  • Nurture – Keep relationships going
  • Giving – Be giving and you will be rewarded, think ‘what can you do for them?’

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