Updated ADZ6888 Field: Exhibition Brief

  1. General Aims

My general aims for this final field project, is to create a surface design collection for the interiors market. My chosen target area for my collection being the 30s-60s contemporary professional couple, who are looking for unique, arty and quality interior products. I will be designing my collection for a living room/ cosy room in a contemporary style house, bringing a mix of east meets west to my designs. My general theme inspired by fusion design, being based on Indian doorways and archways. My collection will be marketed at the mid to higher end of the market, due to the handcrafted elements that I want to incorporate into my outcomes.

  1. Specific Objectives

My aim is to explore the theme of Indian fusion design, inspired by traditional architecture and motifs to create a contemporary surface design collection. In particular the Indian idea of Vastu Shastra, which is the traditional Hindu system of architecture. Vastu Shastra believes that the threshold and archways of a building are an experience rather than a function, being gateways for positive and negative energies. They have the belief that a beautifully decorated entrance can bring prosperity and luck. Having visited Rajasthan, I photographed a variety of doorways and archways. I always been curious about the meanings behind the motifs and architectural styles used and my final project will be a great opportunity to create a collection of fusion interior prints. As the ‘Vastu’ idea is based around the doorway to the inside and I shall take elements of this concept to inform my contemporary interior collection.

Research for my dissertation was based on traditional textiles in the region of Rajasthan, India and how they have been conserved, preserved or adapted, focusing on traditional block printing methods and popularity of contemporary adaptations using traditional motifs as inspiration.

Continuing with the India theme for my final project it will be intrinsically linked to the meanings and ideology of thresholds, as key inspiration to create contemporary design ideas. Researching the crafts themes of my dissertation has provided knowledge about traditional hand processes and it’s these that I’d like to use to create my final body of contemporary surface designs.

The collection will be designed for 30s – 60s professional, who have a disposable income to spend on mid to high-end interior products. The client base typically wishes to purchase unique handcrafted statement products, as opposed to mass-produced interior products widely available in the current market. They are interested in the fusion of east meets west, along with a contemporary interior style mixing modern furniture with textured handmade products.

WGSN will provide research and trend forecasting to inform the style and colour trends of the collection, with key inspiration for my collection from the print and pattern folk trend, Kinship S/S’18. All relevant aspects of my concept will be summarised into a series of mood boards that will be referred to throughout the project.

Throughout the project I will be constantly working to build a strong body of work, initially starting off with a sketchbook of general inspirations, photographs, initial sketches and varying mark-making techniques. Initially I will begin to develop my ideas and illustrations with a range of drawing / mark making techniques which I can then develop in the workshops, mainly focusing on print. To then create designs that can be repeat printed and layered in the print studio, experimenting using specialist workshop methods such as, silk-screen printing, block/lino printing, to include hand stitch where appropriate. The next stage will produce a selection of samples and designs on a range of appropriate substrates, carefully chosen to suit my client and market area. Using fabrics, as well as experimenting on other materials, however this is all dependent on where my research takes me during this first section of this project.

Further experimentation inspired by my drawings and ideas will create samples using a range of technical processes from different silkscreen printing techniques, along with hand embroidery to a neat and professional standard. All of my developments, experimentation and sampling will then create a final collection of interior fabric samples, some of which will then be used to create interior products demonstrating accurately repeating pattern designs, co-ordinating groups of samples using alternative colour way designs. CAD visuals and a final photo shoot of my collection will help to illustrate and neatly present my selected designs in fitting with my chosen market and client.


  1. My Brief

My concept for this project is to create an interiors collection for a contemporary sitting room, mixing traditional Indian themes together with modern design styles to create a strong fusion collection. Incorporating traditional silkscreen printing, embroidery and hand carved block-printing skills together with a modern clean design style to create a body of final samples and interior products, which may include a chair, wall decoration, lampshade and cushion. However this is all dependant on the direction in which my project takes me, to see what is the most effective way of showcasing my designs. As I am aiming for the higher end of the market I want to create more bespoke pieces, using hand printed fabric where possible, maybe upholstering a vintage chair in keeping with my chosen clientele. My chosen theme is based around traditional Indian doorways, windows and archways and the idea of ‘Vastu’. All of my research into my theme, including my initial illustrations and experimental mark making will inform my work throughout, allowing me to develop my design skills to a professional standard.


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