Met Award: UMAX – Social Media for Employability

As part of my Cardiff Met Award, I have to attend 5 workshops ran by the University and todays was a UMAX Social Media workshop with Aimee Bateman a successful recruiter who also has her own Youtube Job Advice Channel. The workshop focused on the importance of social media when looking for a jobs and how to use it effectively. I found the 3hr workshop very interesting and could relate it back to what I’ve learnt about applying for jobs in the creative industry.Β Aimee began by asking us, why we do what we do? What is my purpose? Whats my personal brand?

We then began to look at different types of social media and whats relevant in different situations:

  • Twitter : talking to someone after work
  • Facebook : talking to someone at home
  • LinkedIn : talking o someone at their place of work

Some Key points that I wrote down to remember are these:

  • Buy my domain name –
  • Social media is changing recruitment, adverts are being seen on Facebook, Instagram – not only on your classic job website.
  • Social Media is about building relationships
  • Look at the book ‘how to make friends and influence peeple’
  • Need to sell yourself – why do I do what I do? What makes me different? Add a story? Show your passion for the job!
  • LinkedIn Bio – needs to say who you are, where your passion began, why I love what I do, show enthusiasm to stand out from other candidates (E.g Creative 3rd years surface pattern designer, studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • LinkedIn photo – Needs to show who I am, ask 5 friends for advice could stop you form getting a particular job, wrong look. (Need to look, creative, approachable, dress the way you would for work)
  • Give Value – 3 times before asking of someone
  • Video CV – Becoming more and more popular (could make it private so only have a code to view, unable adverts, content should be what I want to see as an employer, show off my skills, printing in the studio, Don’t replicate my CV, make multiple videos for different employers) Need to remain relevant, 1/2 minutes, bit of talking, show achievements.



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