Final Mood Boards

Below are my final mood boards, including my Theme, Colour, Competitors and Client. I have tried to go for a minimal look to fit my contemporary theme for the project. White is also part of my colour palette, so I thought it would be fitting to use as a background, as it also gives a clean look. I’m sure a few things may get tweaked over the next few weeks but on the whole I’m happy with how they have turned out.

To put up alongside my mood boards, I have made a key processes and theme boards. Containing imagery that didn’t work on my 4 mood boards but are still very relevant to my project progression. The left image contains photographs from my study trip to Rajasthan, India showing some of my favourite archways and doorways from the trip. The image on the right is a collection of techniques that I want to experiment with. Including screen printing, block/lino printing along with some stitch where appropriate. I also want to create layered designs with mark making as the first layer, which then a more illustrative design with some block motifs is then applied. I have drawn out a rough idea of what I want to have a ago at experimenting with on the next week before our interim presentations with CSAD academic staff.



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