Professional Practise – Postgraduate Studies

Todays professional practise lecture was with Dr Steve Thomson, who is head of postgraduate studies here at CSAD. The lecture was to inform us not only of whats available to further study at CSAD, but just in general. Studying a masters is something that I have thought about doing in a few years, but after Steve’s Β talk it’s got me thinking about potentially studying one next year. He started off by stating reasons why, we should consider, these included:

  • makes us more employable
  • focus more in a practise area
  • become a master of my craft
  • allows you to think and explore freely
  • develop research
  • develop a sustainable business
  • learn more about art & design then apply to my practise area

Different types of masters courses:

  • MA – Speculative + creative research focus
  • MFA – Specialist professional art practise
  • MSc – Professional development in a technical form
  • MRes -Develop research skills towards a PHD

What they offer at CSAD:

  • Art science
  • Art history
  • Design futures
  • Fashion design futures
  • Philosophy
  • Ecologies

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