Research File: Motif Meanings

Said that an entrance is not merely an element of any building but a progressive succession through space. Creating an experience upon entry through the decoration. Doorway/ windows are seen as not just passages for insulation or for entry, but are gateways for positive and negative energies. Especially if doors and windows are contrasted in the right direction, they are said to bring prosperity and luck. I have read also that the main door should be bigger and more decorative than the rest.

  • Tulsfivirndavan (holy basil plant):img_1508
  • Rangoli (floral / geometrics) – The rangoli is native to Nepal, India and Bangladesh. The rangoli pattern is commonly created on the floor in a living room or courtyard and is traditional made by women and thought to bring luck. They are usually made up during Diwali or Tihar. Similar practises are done elsewhere, such as the ‘kolam’ in Tamil Nadu or the ‘mandana’ in Rajasthan.IMG_1509.JPG
  • Lotus – The lotus (padma) is from great importance in Hinduism, representing both culture and politeness. It’s commonly seen in the hands of important Hindu deities, such as Lord Ganesha and some goddesses.
  • Peacock Feather:
  • Bhungas

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