Tutorial with Helen & Keireine

This mornings tutorial with both Helen and Keireine has been so helpful, as over the last week I have felt myself getting behind on my work. I started off the tutorial by telling both lecturers about my my project theme and my progression to date, talking about my initial lino cuts and how I plan to progress with them, along as explaining my key inspirations. They then went onto give me feedback on my project progression and project to date.


  • Need to finalise my final colour palette – can use as many as I wish e.g 8, 10, 12 etc
  • Lino prints – could lino and then draw on top? layer my illustrations with block linos that create texture? Need to be more experimental with this process.
  • In my space – put more imagery up relating to my theme
  • Ideas of what to experiment with – Collage (paper/tissue), Stitch
  • Remember that I can illustrate with other medians – paint brush?
  • Need to decide what fabric I want to use asap – Silks? Heavy duty textures? Indian cloth? Get samples prepared.

My response this afternoon:

  • Completed my final colour palette – decided to use a mixture of my final ideas to get bring them all together. (Image to my left is my original colour palette ideas and the image on the right shows my final colour palette.
  • I have also sorted out my studio space by printing out my final 4 mood boards, Indian archways/doorways inspirations, processes board along with the Kinship Textiles WGSN s/s18 trend to refer to throughout. I feel so much more on track with the project after making these changes to my board as I, as well as others can now clearly see my theme, inspirations and experiments to date.



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