Experimentation: Illustrator 3

Ready for todays interim presentations to the textiles academic staff, I have put together a selection of designs combining my paintings from my Indian Ink mark making experiment together with my colour palette and one of my lino block motifs. This is a good starter for my pattern design process using my colour palette as a platform to work towards more detailed designs.

Design Plan

Backgrounds :

  • Created using different mark making experiments
  • Inspired by decorative Indian doorways, archways and windows inspired by my trip to Rajasthan
  • Using Indian Inks
  • Play around with brush strokes, sponge, scale

Layered imagery :

  • Motifs / patterns created from my inspiration sketchbook and some development
  • Illustrative drawn style / carved into lino blocks
  • Okay around with scale / line thickness
  • Add these between the background layer / on top of

Want to

  • Make lines / illustrative drawings more detailed
  • Play with backgrounds – make more abstract / expressive / make more use of different scales (A3/2)
  • Look into Indian fabrics and the different ways that patterns are combined
  • Experiment with repeat pattern styles and make a list of different ones I want to use in my collection

Plan of Action

  • Put larger brush marks onto a screen
  • Draw up some block designs / carve out
  • Re-draw / play around with some of my initial inspiration sketchbook illustrations in pens / ink / line thickness
  • Play around with coloured back grounds



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