Experimentation: Silkscreen Printing

After the weekends lino printing experiments, I decided that it was time to get a few designs on a screen and begin test printing using my chosen fabrics. Overall I am happy with the fabrics I have chosen and think they work well screen printed on. I am also happy with how my lino print experiments have been manipulated on illustrator to create a crisp final designs.

I have then spent a bit of time playing around with scale and layout ideas using illustrator. I need to continue this development on further and introduce my colour palette, along with backgrounds that aren’t white.

Next to do:

  • I know need to mix up some of my colour palette down in the print studio and begin using it more
  • Cut a few more linos designs out
  • Buy more of my chosen fabrics
  • Screen print more with my exposed designs and repeat my designs on a larger scale
  • More illustrative design development.

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