Cohort – Brief outcome reminders

Today we had a cohort meeting with Keireine just as a refresher as to whats required of us for this final project, as all of us are carrying out very different projects with a varying amount of outcomes, from art textile pieces to full collections. I wrote a few general notes as a reminder of what I need to be working towards:

Create a final collection or finished piece to a high standard – collections are usually 30/40 in industry, however if we’re working with more hand finishes then a lower number of samples may be required for our collection.


  • We all must have alternative colour ways (at Β least 2-3)
  • We all must have co-ordinates using colours outside of our colour palette to show vary to our designs.

What they’re looking for in our final project work:

  • Quality of research
  • Workshop technique understanding
  • Techniques Β – Master what you’ve chosen
  • Make sure outcomes link to our theme (context)
  • Level of creativity + originality (show our personal language of textiles)
  • Quality of making
  • Good level of exhibition skills
  • Good written + verbal skills (Shown through our blog updates + final presentation of our work)

Told to remember that we’re all different and as long as we can individually justify why we have and haven’t done particular things and work to a professional standard we’ll be fine.


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