Experimentation: Print Studio Day

Today I spent the day in the print room, printing with all of my linos to date. I currently feel a bit lost with my project at the moment as I have cut so many different lino motifs and completed 2 sketchbooks of illustrations/ mark making, but now I need to combine these all together to create my final collection. Below is a photograph that I took whilst in the print room, showing the workspace that I set up for myself to print combined motifs with my linos.Β IMG_2226.JPG

Overall I’m happy with the combined prints I produced and tomorrow I will scan them in to begin manipulating and playing around with colours on illustrator over the next few days ready for my tutorial Thursday. I like the idea of using the design below, to create a large hanging maybe? As the lino design is quite intricate so would be nice to see it printing out larger layered up.

Along side the lino printing, I also coated up and exposed a new screen to print with tomorrow, strictly using my colour palette and one of my fabric choices. I will also be finally mixing up all of my colours so that I van screen print easily with them at anytime.




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