Experimentation: Print Studio Day 2

Today I started off in the print studio mixing up my colour palette with the screen printing mix. I am really happy with the way in which they have turned out, as the print out of my colour palette was a bit dull due the printers so I was able to make them close enough in colour but made them a bit more vibrant. As I have mainly worked in black / white over the past few weeks, I now want to just start using my colour palette so I can decide afterwards what colours do and won’t work together.

I also got the chance to do some repeat prints using my new screen that I exposed yesterday. I am actually really happy with how they have turned out as I was so unsure at the time when printing. As I’ve worked on quite a small scale so far, I really wanted to print some large lengths to get an idea of how my prints look on a large scale, as I like the idea of  printing some large lengths to hang up in my exhibition.

My plan next is to play around my layout and different colour options on illustrator to make a plan for my next print room session, so that I can make the most out of it. I also need to make a list of things to discuss during my tutorial with lecturers tomorrow, and get some designs ready to show. Below is another print that I had ago at printing in different colours.

  • I also want to create some background shapes that I can layer my motifs onto.

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