Tutorial with Keireine

My tutorial with Keireine today was needed and went really well. I have spent time experimenting with different design layouts and styles and needed to find the direction that is right for my collection and Keireine has helped me to sort my ideas a bit more and has given me new things to consider.

These are a few of the things I am going to do / consider experimenting with:

  • Using different coloured backgrounds – white is fresh and contemporary but need a variety
  • Establish what chair I am going to upholster so that I can design my fabric around the shape – borders go around the edges.
  • Go back through my India trip photographs to gain more inspiration of how to combine my different motifs into prints / add borders to these.
  • Think of colour depth – relating to the archways and the light change that would happen.
  • Go pattern mad, experiment as much as I can! Can then refine and take parts away after.
  • Do a mix of hand printed / digital work as we don’t have enough time left to achieve a high standard for all of them. Can always print onto digital designs? combination of the 2?
  • Could have a section of: hand printed fabric / paper / digitally printed fabric
  • Think of my colour palette as a story – work through it from one end to the other (clear zones dark / middle / light)
  • Look at my Anokhi books for more print layout ideas.
  • Could split my collection into sub collections based on different archways?

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