Pattern Development: Combining Motifs

Today I have spent time, organising and editing my lino prints on illustrator to neaten any up if needed. I am really happy with the amount of motifs I have and am now looking forward to combining them together to create some interesting prints. Below are all of my motifs digitalised.

I am conscious that I can’t repeat the same motif again and again otherwise it would just be a variation and not a new design. So I think I would like to create a few more border designs to combine with motifs. This is something I will think about over the next few days.

Pattern Development

  • 3 Level Flowers – Below are a few examples of how I am designing a range of different pattern design ideas using  2 different motifs – a border design motif, along side my 2 level flower motif. I have enjoyed playing with scale and composition. The reason I have done this in black and white is that it’s so much easier to play around with quickly  without the worry of colours might not working with each other. My plan is to then add colour to my most successful pattern layers to then further develop with background colours and linos.



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