Formative Feedback Tutorial

My formative tutorial went really well and I’m feeling on track with my progress so far and the work I need to complete. It’s still quite overwhelming the amount of work to do in such a short space of time. However my plan is to make a timetable with the remaining weeks left and what needs to be achieved during each to make this all possible and to the standard I’m after. Below are a list of points that I need to cover / sort / decide pretty soon and I will factor all of these into a plan of action.

  • Families – select
  • Identify colours
  • Additional border designers / layering
  • Block colour & detailed illustrative designs
  • Identify large designs X3 (3 favourites)
  • Chair designs – pattern all over
  • Source chair/upholsterer
  • Colour Collaboration – digital / screen printing
  • Combine colour / monochrome / texture
  • Space Design
  • Display Rail

I have also started to thinking about my degree show space and what I’ll be need buy for it. I have began to create a mood board of things I may want to purchase for my space to get an idea of prices and composition ready to create my degree space proposed layout. This something that I will probably change over the next few weeks but I want to get a head start on it now.

Exhibition Space Moodboard.jpg


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