Illustrator Workshop – CAD Visuals

This morning I attended an adobe illustrator workshop on how to create a variety of shapes and visuals using our patterns as fill swatches. I tend to design on Illustrator rather than Photoshop, as I like how you can easily select, layer and create multiple art boards, however I still feel as if theres so much more to learn about the software. I found todays workshop very interesting and helpful, as at times she was pointing out basic shortcuts and tools which I’d completely forgotten about for hadn’t heard of before and these will make designing so much easier. Below are a couple of things that I create during the workshop. The image on the left is a mock up of my final show space ready to play around with a bit more before submitting to academic staff. The image on the right shows a few shapes filled with my patterns. Learning how to fill and change the pattern scale was a great refresher and something I need to work on ready to create my CAD visuals for this final collection.

Few tools that I find beneficial:

  • cmd+’’     = adds grid
  • cmd+R    = adds ruler
  • V             = regular arrow selection
  • A             = direct arrow selection
  • cmd + 0  = zooms out
  • cmd + J  = joins lines together

SWATCHES on Illustrator:

Drag the highlighted image onto swatches board – then bottom left click, then click top ‘save swatches’

transform – scale – reduce down size by either selecting transform patterns / transform objects / move

  • Wrap arounds – vector masks
  • Trace the real image of a cushion etc then make a new layer and trace over the top.

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