Updated Moodboards

After reducing down my colour palette, I felt as if my 4 mood boards needed a bit of an update to showcase what my final collection is really about. I am now really happy with the way they look and feel as if they suit my chosen target market and theme more. Adding original lino print images and sections of my repeat patterns make sure that they not only sit well with my collection but also give the mood boards the personal feel that I’m after.

  1. Client Board: I have added a few new images to my client board showing a few couples that I am aiming my project towards, as well as some house imagery of where I imagine them living. My target market is the higher end of the textile interiors market, as the initial process of design is key to my collection and time needs to be taken to intricately cut each lino motif out before initially printing onto paper to be scanned in and digitalised on illustrator. That this point I will then design layouts on illustrator that I can easily manipulate whilst using my chosen colour palette.   Client
  2. Competitors: My competitors board has changed slightly from before, with the addition of the 2 new design companies. I now feel as if they’re all in fitting with my client and theme as they’re a mixture of hand printed screen printed fabrics, digital and lino cut designs. Competitors
  3. Theme: My theme board hasn’t changed too much, just the re-figuration of imagery and I have swapped a few images to try and get my theme across in a clearer way. Showing 2 decorative archways/doorways, along with my own illustrated doorway. I have also added some images from the process that I am going to do – 1st is a lino being cut (bottom right) then 2nd is a first print of my lino (far left).Theme
  4. Colour: Previously my colour palette had an excess of 12 colours, but I was just struggling so much to design including all of them without overwhelming myself. I have previously written about this in a previous blog post. Colour

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