Exhibition Prep: Chair shopping

After stating that I wanted to upholster a chair for my final exhibition, the hunt then began to find the perfect style chair in a reasonable condition for the time I have left. After looking in second hand furniture stores in Cardiff and on selling websites such as eBay and Gumtree for the Cardiff area I didn’t have much luck finding the right style or value or money.

I am now back in Somerset for the second week of the Easter Holidays and thought I’d have a day searching the second hand furniture stores of my town. In the last shop I came across the chair below for the bargain price of just Β£10 and in good condition. I now need to decide what print of fabric I want to use and what finish on the would I’d like. This will take a bit of additional research into current chairs on the market to get an idea of the current contemporary up cycled styles.

The reason that I wanted this sort of style chair is that when I was in India, I found that a lot of the seating in the nice hotels and palaces was in this sort of style being quite ornate but still classic. I also love the idea of up cycling and this fits well with my India theme, as I found when I was there that they re use and recycle lots of stuff.Β IMG_3008-1


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