Exhibition Prep: Stickers

Today I have begun to price up additional items that I require for the final degree show exhibition / press packs / new designers to help brand myself as a designer. I want to get stickers to attach to each of my final project books and on the back of samples to show constancy of ‘branding’ to show that it’s all my work and from this current collection.

Below I have looked at a few print companies to compare the best prices and Solopress comes out as the best: 100 stickers for Β£19.20, compared to 52 for Β£15.59 from Moo.

Personal ‘Branding’ items I will have:

  • Collection Postcards x100 – ordered through Uni
  • Stickers x100
  • Business Cards x200 (exhibition / new designers / press packs)

Need to do next:

  • Choose final font
  • Design final business card
  • Choose paper/print quality

Next week I will order:

  • Business cards
  • Stickers
  • Leaflet for press pack (cv / cover letter on)
  • vinyl sticker for wall?



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