Collection Development: Printing Hanging / Dyeing Fabric

Printing 1st Hanging: Today I managed to nearly complete my large 2.5metre hanging for my final degree show space. All I need to do now is print the last small colour motif. Tomorrow I am also planning to print my 2 half width hangings. Then once I’ve done this I can then blast off my screen and re expose it with some final sample designs.

Dyeing Fabric: Today I decided to have a practise at dying some of my fabric for my final collection. I’v gone with a very pale pink that will work with my slightly darker baby pink thats in my final colour palette. The bottom right photo shows my 2 samples  the left being in the dye for 20 minutes the right for 30 minutes. Tomorrow I will dye half my fabric pink and then sample some light turquoises to hopefully print the rest of my fabric tomorrow.

Business Card / Sticker Delivery: Today my 250 business cards and 100 stickers were delivered. Overall I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out and am slowly feeling more and more prepared for the degree show.

Degree Show Space: Tomorrow I am going to IKEA to buy all of my extras for the final exhibition. This will also be another weight of my shoulders, once I’ve bought all the extras I need on my shopping list for the show.



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