Collection Development: Putting together final design collection

Today I want to finalise my final collection of 20 samples. The photo on the left shows a pile of lino motifs that I’ve so far included in my designs and the photo on the right shows the linos motifs that I still need to include. I am really happy that I’ve managed to use then all and want to make sure that I continue to mix different lino designs together.

The process of creating the design is a key part of my collection:

  • Initial illustrations from my travel photos and sketchbooks
  • Developed illustrations
  • Hand carve lino motif blocks
  • First initial print
  • Scan in and digitalise illustrator
  • Play around with scale, repeat pattern designs
  • Silkscreen print onto fabric

Below is what my final collection of 20 designs looks like at the moment, today I will try and get it all finished ready to expose my design layers onto a screen.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.48.22


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