Collection Development: Preparing for large 4m print / printing more final samples

This morning I began by printing onto my turquoise fabric, I am happy with how they have come and as they have the look and feel I’m after. Throughout this final degree project, all I have wanted is for my collection to have an in-depth process behind it. From my original sketches from my trips, to the process of creating a detailed motif to then designing and finally printing my textile collection. Printing onto dyed fabric makes the process so much more fun, as I’ve done all of the work to create the samples. The problem that you can face with hand dyeing fabric is the colour maybe not being completely constant throughout, but I have worked hard to keep the fabrics stirred in the dye bath to minimise this as much as possible.

During the afternoon I then spent time preparing the print table ready for it to have glue applied to it ready to iron my fabric down. Cleaning the table takes far longer than you originally imagine it to be, as I wanted to minimise any colour remaining on the table transferring onto my white fabric.

Technical File Sorting: This eveningย I have spent time trimming down my fabric test prints and experiments from throughout this project. I actually really enjoyed this task ย as it was great to see my development throughout this project and to mount on A3 card and them all into a presentation folder. This evening I also purchased some self cover buttons for my final chair that I’m having upholstered for the degree exhibition. I need to decide what to print onto them, ready to cover them at the weekend.

Chair Fabric: I have decided to go with the design below in this colour combination for my chair fabric as a large A0 repeat.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 17.40.16.png


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