Collection Development: Printing my chair fabric

Today I have managed to fully print the 1st layer of my 4m fabric length on cotton sateen arian fabric. I really like this fabric as it’s a slightly off white colour which I really like and has a bit of a sheen that suits my Indian theme. All day I was so apprehensive about making the first print, because of the size of the print and then pressure to not make a big mistake. I am really happy with the amount I achieved and couldn’t have done it without my amazing print helpers: Emma and my buddy Lottie. Tomorrow I will finish my yellow layer and then print my remaining black, pink and light turquoise colour.

Final Sample Printing: Today I also managed to print the the first layer of a final sample to the left and full print a sample on the right. The yellow sample is printed on the ‘Silk Bamboo Satin’ fabric. I wouldn’t say its your typical interiors fabric but because my theme is based around my trip to Indian, I found a lot of my favourite fabrics were quite lightweight and silky. I also think this fabric works well alongside my ‘Cotton Sateen Arian’ fabric that is a bit heavier in weight and perfect for interiors.

Bolster Cushions: I have decided that I am also going to have 2 bolster cushions, so I need to decide which of my designs to print ready for them to be made at the weekend. This evening I have been playing around with a few different ideas that I will get printed on A1 paper in the morning to then decide 2 Β to screen print tomorrow. I have decided to make my bolster designs 1 black and white and the other maybe in full colour. This will contrast the other items in my exhibition space including my chair and 3 hangings.



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