Exhibition Prep: Buddy System

Having the 2nd year buddies around over the last few weeks, has been invaluable. MY buddy Lottie, has been absolutely amazing and has made the final part of this degree show collection so much easier. As I decided to hand print my entire collection of 20 samples, I have been slowed down by the printing process of printing, washing and drying screens over and over just to create 1 finished sample with all of it’s layers. Having my buddy around this week make this process so much easier, as she could wash and dry whilst I prepared the next sample ready to print.

Having a buddy who knows around her way around the print room and works in a similar way to me was also so beneficial as it meant that I didn’t have to spend time explaining the ins and outs of the room.Β Not only my buddy has been of great help, but in general the 2nd year cohort has really pulled together this week to help us 3rd years with tasks such as headering, that are time consuming when you’ve got other things to finish off.


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