Exhibition Prep: Final Degree Show Space

Final Press Packs: I opted to make my press packs for the degree show slightly different to how they’ve been done in previous years, by sourcing a heavy weight black card folder with pocket insert to secure all of my hand outs in place.

Final Body of work: I have finished labelling up my full body of supporting work for this project. This includes:

  • Research File
  • 3 Sketchbooks containing illustrative motif development
  • Lino Display book showing all of my lino motifs that I have carved and used for my collection
  • 2 Technical A3 files, displaying all of my test prints that I have carried out throughout the entirety of the project
  • Large fabric test prints of my final hangings
  • 4 final mood boards mounted
  • Photo album + travel sketchbook from my trip to Rajasthan in 2015.

Degree Show Space: Few images of my final degree show space now that all of the covers have been taken off of my chair, bolster cushions and plinth.

Final Collection of designs: I have created a collection of 20 hand printed samples, predominately made up of screen printed designs and a couple being just lino block printed onto fabric and a few being a mixture of the 2.

  • 6 samples: Screen printed designs on Hand dyed fabric (pink and turquoise)
  • 5 samples: Screen printed designs on Silk Bamboo Sateen Fabric
  • 6 Samples: Screen printed designs on Cotton Sateen Arian Fabric
  • 1 Sample: Mixture of lino block print and screen printed design on Cotton Sateen Arian Fabric
  • 2 Samples: Lino block print designs on Cotton Sateen Arian Fabric


  • 2 designs printed in 2 different alternative colour ways
  • 2 Coordinate designs

=  26 hand printed / dyed fabrics that make up my final degree show collection. 


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